Poetry is rhythmic flow of intense feelings and thoughts

Before I Am Born

Written By: Mohanchand

Before I am born break the walls
Between religions that make me small
That may block my power to reason
And limit the horizon of my vision

Before I am born filter the germs in genes
Crush them kill them by any means
Before they mingle with the devils unkind
Chase away the evils that breed in mind

Before I am born green the earth
Preen my home for my warm birth
Clean the air and water, clean the sky
Bright wherein I could live long and die

Before I am born send the beasts away
Those who pretend the God may not sway
The scepter over the weak and innocent
Let the terror not strike the meek and silent
© Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved


  1. Akshay Dhar says:

    Your words seem a genuine attempt. And these could come only from a person who is above all superstitions n myths. Nice Job.

  2. Vijayalaximi Borkar says:

    Really superb article. I will definately recommend to my friends. I am sure they will be benefitted by this article. Keep it up.

  3. Great write.Loved reading it

  4. Do read my poems on Abdulrazak aralimatti

  5. sakhi says:

    It’s a herat touching poem but I want summary right now plz sir

  6. Mohanchand Patil says:

    It about providing clean environment to our progeny in future ( for our children In future).

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