He also has been collecting and exhibiting Indian Coins and Paper Money for the last 30 years. His special interest has been British India Coins and Currency Notes as well after Independence Coins and Notes. After we lost my mother to breast cancer, my dad wanted to dedicate his life to encourage and help upcoming young collectors especially school children.

He always believed when they start early, they develop various skills that help with their overall development. But there was one problem. There was no free resource for these kids. Books and catalogues are expensive and to take advantage of changing nature of information technology, we launched our first website on British India Coins. Since the response was so overwhelming encouraging after our first website, we have continued to expand. We have tremendous support from many visitors and all the encouragement from them are very motivating. He has been collecting Coins and Paper money since 1980's. His other passion was collecting Cactus plants. At the peak of collection he had about 1000 varieties of Cactus plants in over 20,000 pots. Many of his later part of Republic India Bank Notes are in the same serial number 888888. His coins are mainly from the British India and Republic India era by mint and year with some die varieties also.

Acknowledgements from Dr Jinadatha:

First and foremost I would like to thank my late wife Usha Jinadatha, who was always supportive of my hobbies. She sacrified her interests and even jewellery so I could pursue my interests. I would like to thank my son's Chetan his wife Ushma and Avinash his wife Prajna for their support and contributions in building this website. I would also like to thank my late mother Smt Bomakka for her unconditional support.

Further, I would like to thank Yuvraj Achari for his work on the website and for taking photos. Similarly, I would to thank Dr Shivaji Brid for help with photography. Mr Basant Rathi  from Kolkata  has given me rare and difficult to find coins. I would like to thank several contributors for rare pictures and input on the website: Mr Jhunjhunwala from Mumbai, Mr Chandrashekhar from Davangere, Mr Basavaraj Yalamalli from Davangere, Mr Rezwan Razak from Bangalore, Mr Sudip Kheria from Mumbai. Several people have helped me throught out the years with my personal collection. I would like to them all: Mr Pramod Vernekar from Belguam, Kirti and Bharath Parekh from Bangalore, Late Biswanath Kheria, Sudip Kheria and Jaganath of Venson Coffee Company.

Finally I would like to thank my long time friend and best wisher, fellow philatelist and numismatist Mr G.B Sidappa, who has been with me in every step of the process.

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