Below are some of the useful links I have found during the development of this website. These websites are owned and operated by individuals not related to our website. These website have not been checked by us for viruses or other malware. Please visit and browse these websites at your own risk.

1. Vijayanagara Coins:

This is a wonderful resource for collectors of Vijayanagara Coins. The website has coin catalogue and pictures. This website is developed and maintained by Harihariah Oruganti from Chennai, India.


2. Bharat Coins:

This website by Dr Bharat from Mangalore, India. It has wonderful pictures of many varieties of British India Coins.

3. JF Campbell British India Website:

This website by Mr Campbell from Mason, Michigan, USA: is a wonderful resource about British India Coins. Great pictures and illustrations.

4. Coin India:

This website has detailed catalogue and pictures of Janapadas, Ancient Kingdom, Greek, Kushana, Gupta, Islamic and princely states.

5. RBI:

This website from Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Federal bank has a information on coins and currency notes. You will see pictures of some specimen notes also. Overall a good authentic resouce.

6. Mr Praful Thakkar Website:

This website is an excellent resource for Mughal Coins and Indian Princely State coins. Additionally, it is also an excellent resource for medals, tokens, weights etc.

7. Chennai Coin Museum:

This website by Chennai Museum has lot literature on various coinage periods. There are no details on varieties but overall lots of info.

8. South Asia Coin Group:

This website used to be good resource, but looks like the administrator has not kept up with the maintainance. It has lots of broken links. It still contains some useful information. Browse carefully.

9. Zenu Database:

This is big database with all kinds of picture. They are not organised but you may get to see a lot of varieties of coins and bank notes.

10. Prabhu Coins:

This website has info and pictures from different era. Not as extensive but a good resource anyways.

11. Mr. Anwar's Coins: 

Mr Anwar's website is new and an excellent resource for Sultanate coins and Mughal coins.

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