Rules for the Classified Section:

1. Please refrain from any ads that do not connection to the websites. This section is only meant for any ads relation to coins, banknotes, books or any hobbies related to antiques.

2. Please do not post any of your personal contact info as we are able to prevent any possible misuse of such information.

3. is not responsible for any fraudulent item sold or brought on this website. Our buy/sell section provides a platform for buying and selling. We do not validate the users credentials nor do we authenticate the item on buy/sell list. It is upto the users discretion to verify whether the item is genuine or not. If a user is selling a fake item please let us know and the user and item will be banned from this website.

4. Any payments made to for displaying ads are non refundable. If you are not happy with the service provided we will make it up by extending your ad display days. All new users get a free trial period. Please use this for trying us out. Then only we recommend using payed system.

5. If you any questions please contact me at Thank you for your business and we welcome suggestions.

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